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Medvoyage.info is independent medical tourism website about diagnostics, treatment and health tourism abroad. Portal provides objective information for Russian-speaking people, who are interested in medical services abroad and plan to get treatment in clinics all around the world.

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Our portal sections:News & press. Medvoyage.info is the only website in the ru-network, which publishes medical tourism newsfeed, most of them are original content.

Conferences and events. Announcement of upcoming conferences, exhibitions and seminars in the medical tourism area.

Clinics. This section contains information about foreign clinics with direct contacts and comments functionality. Currently, the portal includes 200+ clinic personal pages, 20+ descriptions of treatments and a detailed description of the 40+ country destinations for medical tourism.

Companies. Agencies, representations and operators of medical tourism from all over the CIS with direct contacts and the ability to add feedback.

Life stories. In this section we publish the real stories of treatment abroad.

Prices. In this sections visitors can compare the cost of treatment abroad for major medical areas, most popular among our medical tourists.

Consultations. Ability to get free advice about treatment abroad from experienced professionals.

Forum. Interactive communication of people from the area of medical tourism, potential patients and clients of companies.

Our advertising approach:

Banner advertising. Banners placement for hospital/provider/any advertiser on the portal pages. Banners are placed according to banner map or personal agreement with advertiser.

Personal clinic page placement in the «Clinics» section. We offer clinic information placement of any size and content type (pictures, video, links, etc) as well as translation service. Free page editing is available during the advertising placement.

Personal agency (provider) page placement in the «Companies» section. We offer agency (provider) information placement of any size and content type (pictures, video, links) as well as translation service. Free page editing is available during the advertising placement. Also we have additional service – placement and visual accentuation in company list on the main page and in «Companies» section.

Placement and visual accentuation in the lists. We have possibility to put and visually accentuate the information on the pages:

«Recommended clinics» and «Recommended companies» blocks on homepage. Clinics and providers placement in the corresponding blocks on various positions.

Articles placement in the «Life stories» section. We can create, translate and place life story with clinic or provider link. Pictures and video are also available.

Contextual clinics and providers advertising in «Consultations» section. Agencies and clinics can answer users questions providing the their own info and links.

Additional services:

Marketing campaigns. We provide marketing campaigns of any type for clinics and providers.

Promo articles and news. We provide placement of promo articles on our portal as well on other sites in Russian-speaking Internet segment.

Complex advertising campaigns. Development of complex advertising campaigns for any customer.


Персонализированная онкология в онкологии

Онкологические заболевания так же отличаются друг от друга, как и люди, которые ими заболевают. Поэтому подход «одно лечение для всех» уходит в прошлое.


Альтернативная хирургия в лечении грыжи позвоночника – минимально инвазивная хирургия или метод «замочной скважины»

Одной из самых распространенных проблем с позвоночником является грыжа межпозвоночных дисков. Но и эту проблему легко можно решить методом «Замочной Скважины».


Детская онкология за границей: Royal Marsden

Специализированное отделение в онко центре Royal Marsden разрабатывает передовые методы лечения рака у детей


Лечение рака кожи за границей: Royal Marsden

Новейшие разработки в лечении рака кожи в Европе в онко центре Royal Marsden: Злокачественная меланома – это уже не приговор


Центр исследований рака груди в Royal Marsden

Центр исследований рака груди при крупнейшем онко центре Royal Marsden. Самое современное оборудование и инновационные терапевтические методы лечения рака в Европе.